Direct contact to coaches/GMs across 40+ leagues

Having a direct line of contact to get in touch with the right coach or GM of a professional team in Europe is huge.

Let’s face it….unless you were a top-tier NCAA athlete, NHL draft pick, or you're an elite European pro with experience, coaches/GMs/scouts in Europe will not just reach out to you out of nowhere to recruit you.

Even if you pay an agent, there’s not much incentive for them to find you a team unless you’re playing in a premier league such as DEL/Liiga/KHL/etc (of which they make a small % of the signing itself OR a % of the monthly salary based on the contract).

The reality is that they don’t want to find you a team as much as you do.

Other “so-called” agents out there have another problem in that they don’t have enough strong contacts to actually help you find a team. They’ll make promises & you will get your hopes up……as you’re left without a team.

If you really want the opportunity to play professionally overseas, you first need a way in for these clubs to learn about you. Then, you need to put in some work to best inform them of your skill/style of play which will justify why they should sign you. Without this, you don’t stand much of a chance….that’s just the reality.

By working with us, you’ll stand out.

Over the past 10 years, our team has built direct relationships with clubs across Europe through our network of professional players, front offices, & with other partners/agents we work with.

Our relationships with teams includes a wide variety of leagues.

We work with teams across a broad spectrum of leagues, ranging from lower to mid-range pro leagues (ex: Sweden Div 1 & 2, Suomi-Sarja) up to mid-higher level leagues (ex: DEL2- Germany, Ligue Magnus- France,  Alps League, etc). We do not work with SHL, KHL, DEL, or NLA, but we work closely with the vast majority of pro hockey leagues in Europe.

Since we have relationships working with many teams in various leagues across Europe, we can best advise you on where an ideal fit may be for you to play. We will give you our honest opinion on where we feel you could play….we won’t sugar coat it. We’re here to help you.

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***It’s important to mention that many players don’t realize how good the level of play is across many European countries. Hockey players that are not well acquainted with all the leagues in Europe often underestimate how good a certain level league may be (such as Division 1 Sweden, France2, etc).

Real life example: If an NCAA or top ACHA player is coming to us after completing school & looking to sign in Europe, they may not think that a league such as France2 is that strong of a league. In reality though, over the past 5-7 years, the level of hockey in France in the top two leagues (Ligue Magnus & France2- 1st Division) has drastically improved. Therefore, the level of player France2 clubs are looking for in an import has gone up with it. When a top France2 club is seeking N. American imports to come play for them, they are generally only seeking players with prior pro experience or strong NCAA/USports players with a good resume. If you don’t match this criteria or know someone who has the ability to speak with these teams, you won’t catch these teams interest. It’s imperative that you do this.

We have the experience and we know what teams want to see.

Click on the button below to contact us. We’ll let you know if we feel we can help you find a club to sign with & will provide you with the advisement options that we offer if it aligns.